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Air Diffuser

Air Diffuser

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Hydrotek’s new AD Series air diffusers are the latest innovation in environmental controls! They are designed to circulate hot air between your lights and canopy!

Designed to circulate the hot air between your grow lights and canopy, the AD will distribute air evenly, help control humidity, and reduce micro climates in the grow room!

Why Hydrotek Air Diffusers?

  • Free up floor space
  • Mix static air
  • Diffuse intake air
  • Prevent over-fertilization
  • Avoid salt build ups
  • Avoid hot spots
  • Prevent microclimates
  • Easy to hang

Without proper air movement, CO2 fails to circulate and photosynthesis slows down. Too much air movement directed at the plants will dry out the medium, resulting in a buildup of salts and over fertilization. The AD avoids all these problems and eliminates the need for multiple oscillating fans. A Stealth Inline Fan with an AD Series diffuser can be easily installed in minutes with Lightgrip Lighthangers or support chains.

When connected to a Stealth or other inline fan, the AD can be used to recirculate the existing air in the grow room or to distribute fresh air brought in through ducting. Pairing with a SpeedMaster Fan Speed Controller will give you precise control of the perfect amount of indirect airflow for your grow.

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