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Frosty Gee Genetics

Frosty Gee Feminized Seed Spray

Frosty Gee Feminized Seed Spray

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  • Spraying begins the day before you switch the reversal plant(s) to flower
  • Spray with lights off
  • Spray nodal areas, branches, and tops
  • Not necessary to spray all leaves
  • A fine mist will do, but be sure to coat adequately
  • This process should be completed every 3-5 days until the first male pollen sacs begin to open (~20-30 days)
  • Wetting agent can be added


  • Cool in a dark place or refrigerated
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Flush with water if contact occurs

Note: If your plant burns on the first application, dilute with distilled water, starting with 50-100 mL of distilled water

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