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Holland Greenhouse

Holland Greenhouse Moisture and pH Meter

Holland Greenhouse Moisture and pH Meter

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Holland Greenhouse Moisture Meter

Benefits + Features:

  • Measures the moisture and pH of the soil
  • Accurately measures content levels in your soil!
  • No battery needed!



Move the switch on the front to "MOIST" and insert the probe into the soil between the plant and the edge of the pot, wait for 60 seconds. Check the meter reading and water accordingly.

pH Meter:

1. Prepare the soil sample for testing making sure to remove any stones, grass, or other debris. Move the switch on the meter to pH.

2. Gently clean the probe with a dry cloth or paper towel. A high grit sandpaper can be used to gently clean the probe if really dirty. Amend soil accordingly

ATTENTION: The tester is not submersible. Only the wans can be placed in liquid.

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