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Nanolux SEDE 1000W 2K Sodium Lamp (Special Order)

Nanolux SEDE 1000W 2K Sodium Lamp (Special Order)

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Nanolux has combined a “DE” 400V 2100μmol arc tube with a standard E25 Mogul base lamp envelope which can be used in conventional fixtures. The 400V high-pressure arc tube in this lamp is designed to be used with ballasts which are rated in the market as “DE” ballast with an operating frequency between 85-115 kHz. Traditional digital ballasts on the market operate around 35 kHz. The Nanolux SEDE lamp will also operate on these ballasts with no lowering of output performance but possibly a shorter lamp life. If the lamp is replaced within the industry recommended norm of 10 to 12 months, the shorter lamp life encountered by running on a 35 kHz frequency will NOT be a factor.

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