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StepWell Super Soil (34 Gal)

StepWell Super Soil (34 Gal)

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Step Well SS-W Super Soil is great for growing flowers, fruit and vegetables!

Step Well SS-W Super Soil is organic certified and highly sustainable to help protect the environment!

Why SSW Step Well Super Soil?

  • Great for growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables!
  • All ingredients are organic-certified!
  • Highly sustainable!
  • Helps protect the environment!
  • For use indoor and outdoors!

Step Well SS-W is a super soil blend that has been aged to cultivate microorganisms, beneficial bacteria and fungi as an organic workforce to actively break down materials to provide the nutrients to your plants!


  • Condition soil prior to use
  • For indoor, use minimum 7-10 gallon pots
  • For outdoor, use minimum 30 gallon pots, smaller pots can be used if planted later in the season (time of season started will dictate pot size)
  • Water with filtered water (no chlorine/no Chloramine)
  • Keep soil at a moist consistency to keep microbes working efficiently 
  • SS-W is compatible with compost teas and top dressings to help cater to specific cultivars or supplement for nutrients in smaller pots. 
  • Click here for pot size guide

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