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Terrafibre Poultry Nesting Mat 13" x 13"

Terrafibre Poultry Nesting Mat 13" x 13"

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Use these hemp fibre pads in your chicken coops for a warm, soft, and clean place for your chickens to lay their eggs. Simply place the pad in the coop and pull it out when it is used – Quick, clean & convenient!

Why Terrafibre Poultry Nesting Mats?

  • QUICK CLEANING - Simply place the mat in the coop and pull it our when it is used. Quick, clean and convenient.
  • PREVENTS BREAKING - The thick hemp sheet provides a soft spot for nesting, preventing breakage.
  • BIODEGRADABLE - The fibre and pulp backing are fully biodegradable and compostable. Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres on earth so it will last long in use, but break down eventually.
  • KEEPS DRY - Hemp absorbs 100% of its own weight in liquid, sucking up all messes, keeping your eggs dry.
  • WARM NESTING - Hemp is an incredible insulator because of it's high thermal mass, this will provide a warm space for chickens to nest.
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