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AC Infinity

AC Infinity CLOUDRAY Clip Fans

AC Infinity CLOUDRAY Clip Fans

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A next-gen clip fan designed from the ground up to provide precise air circulation for all stages of a plant’s growth!

Why AC Infinity CLOUD RAY Grow Tent Clip Fans?

  • Precise air circulation for all stages of growth!
  • Manual swivel- A Series!
  • Digital 10 speeds- from gentle breezes for seedlings to a powerful airflow for flowering!
  • Adjustable head tilt and swivelling arm!
  • Tightly grips onto all grow tent poles!
  • IP-44 Rated!
  • Resistant to high humidity and heat!
  • Connects with smart controllers to access climate triggers, grow cycles, scheduling, and more!

Utilizes a cutting-edge EC motor with PWM control to access a full range of fan speeds, from gentle breezes to a powerful airflow. The ten speed levels are shown with a circular LED display that dims after fan speed is set to leave your plant's light cycle undisturbed!

Adjustable head tilt and swiveling arm provide flexible directional airflow options. Features a heavy-duty clamp that tightly grips onto grow tent poles of all sizes for a secure vertical hold. Each unit is IP-44 rated to be highly resistant against humidity and temperature. Can be powered through a standard outlet with its 8-foot power plug cord.

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