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Ultra Premium Pumice

Ultra Premium Pumice

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Ultra Premium Pumice is top grade pumice mined from chilled North American volcanic deposits.

Their pumice contains ultra porous texture allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to naturally travel throughout plant root systems and maintaining a reserve of nutrients stored in microscopic holes. Succulent and cacti can greatly benefit from our ultra-premium pumice for increasing water retention in sandy or clay soil to allow efficient distribution of nutrients and liquid.

Why Ultra Premium Pumice?

  • Top-grade pumice mined from North America
  • Ultra-porous texture
  • Allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to naturally travel throughout roots
  • Increases water retention
  • Allows efficient distribution of nutrients and liquid
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Protects roots from surface exposure
  • Neutral pH

Pumice prevent erosion to the soil as it protects roots from surface exposure. the pH of pumice is neutral neither alkaline or acidic which is ideal for any type of plants or growing conditions.

Types of Ultra Premium Pumice:

  • Medium: Smaller pieces
  • Coarse: Larger pieces


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