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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Automatic Booster Duct Fans (W/ Pressure Switch)

AC Infinity Automatic Booster Duct Fans (W/ Pressure Switch)

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AC Infinity's Automatic Booster Duct Fan improves airflow delivery in longer ductwork for more effective heating or cooling in home or industrial settings!

Features a highly intuitive differential pressure switch that senses changes in your ducting to automatically operate its on/off activation! 

Why AC Infinity Automatic Booster Duct Fans?

  • Inline duct fan for boosting airflow in ducting and vent systems to ensure heating or cooling delivery.
  • Automatically activates the ventilation fan by detecting pressure change to eliminate manual adjusting.
  • Differential pressure switch supports mounting in any position to improve directional airflow versatility.
  • Features five fan speed levels powered by the PWM-controlled EC motor for more precise ventilation.

It also allows for mounting in any direction, making it possible to direct airflow vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The inline duct fan also features five speeds powered by PWM controls that can generate precise airflow levels. This, combined with its flexibility in installation, provides total ventilation control in extended ducting and other difficult-to-reach spaces.

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