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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Carbon Filters

AC Infinity Carbon Filters

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The high-airflow duct filter is designed to use activated carbon to eliminate odors and chemicals, popularly used for hydroponics, grow rooms, kitchens, smoking areas, and other ventilation projects.

Features premium-grade Australian Virgin charcoal bed. The filter can be used in conjunction with an inline duct fan to act as both intake and exhaust configuration. Heavy-duty construction contains aluminum flanges and dual-sided galvanized steel mesh. The flanges can also be reversed to prolong the life of the filter. Includes a machine washable pre-filter cloth to prevent carbon residue.

Why AC Infinity Carbon Filters?

  • Eliminates odors and chemicals for grow tents and hydroponics room!
  • Premium-grade Australian charcoal!
  • Higher adsorption and longer life rating!
  • Heavy-duty aluminum flanges, galvanized steel meshing, and clothed pre-filter!
  • Enables maximum airflow passthrough for both intake and exhaust configurations!
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