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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Clone Collars (Disc Inserts)

AC Infinity Clone Collars (Disc Inserts)

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The AC Infinity Clone Collars are designed to support the growth of plant cuttings by keeping them upright while leaving room to expand!

Why AC Infinity Clone Collars?

  • Helps hydroponically grow plant cuttings by providing them upright support!
  • Crafted with EVA rubber that is durable, waterproof, and PH neutral to be safe for use on plants!
  • 8-spoke design is soft on sprouts and clones as they grow to relieve pressure and prevent stem pinching!
  • Reusable collars can compress and seamlessly fit in netted pots for greater security on your plants!

Made of a smooth EVA rubber that is PH-neutral and waterproof, making it safe for use with seedlings and sprouts. Its pliable 8-spoke design protects your seedlings and clones during their earlier growth stages by relieving pressure while not pinching their stems. You can firmly fit the plant collar in netted pots for optimal security as your plant develops.

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