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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Ducting Tape (Aluminum Foil)

AC Infinity Ducting Tape (Aluminum Foil)

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AC Infinity Ducting Tape is an adhesive tape designed to seal gaps in ducting to prevent moisture from leaking in and emissions from seeping out!

It uses professional grade aluminum that resists most conditions including extreme temperatures, humidity, chemicals and UV degradation!

Why AC Infinity Ducting Tape?

  • Versatile adhesive tool!
  • Usable for many applications!
  • Industrial-grade aluminum!
  • Resists humidity,, UV degradation, chemicals and extreme cold/heat!
  • Malleable foil easily adheres to most surfaces!
  • Acrylic adhesive to seal gaps- prevents moisture and emissions from seeping in/out!

The aluminum makes up the malleable foil which can stick to flat or irregular surfaces. A strong, long-lasting acrylic epoxy resin lines the duct foil tape and can bond to areas like metal, plastic, ceramic, and concrete. The paper backing makes the duct tape easy to peel and apply.

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