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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Garden Plant Stakes

AC Infinity Garden Plant Stakes

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AC Infinity Garden Plant Stakes are designed to be used in plant support systems to prop up your plants and square fabric pots!

Each pole is made of hollow steel that is rustproof and wrapped in plastic coating, providing UV-ray and chemical protection!

Why AC Infinity Garden Plant Stakes?

  • Rustproof hollow steel!
  • Plastic coating resists UV rays and chemicals!
  • Pointed end securely posts the stake deep in the ground!
  • Ridges provide a grippy surface for tying stems and for vines to cling to in plant-training project!

This metal construction is thickened for further reinforcement to retain stiffness and prevent heavier plants from weighing it down.!

The gardening stakes are built with a pointed end that securely posts it deep in your soil. It is also built with a flat end for threading plant ties and trellis nets, or for general pounding purposes. Ridges run along the length of the pole to provide a grippy surface for vines to cling onto and for stems to be tied to.

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