AC Infinity Grow Room Glasses (w/ 3 Corrective Lenses)

AC Infinity Grow Room Glasses (w/ 3 Corrective Lenses)

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AC Infinity Grow Tent Room Glasses are made to neutralize the color of your grow light to reduce eye strain and provide a color-accurate look of your plants. Whether you use LED, HPS, or MH lighting, you can use these colored lenses for the following color temperatures and tints:

  • Green Lens – Purple (Red & Blue)
  • Blue Lens – Amber Yellow/Warm White
  • Gray Lens – Full Spectrum and Sunlight

Why AC Infinity Grow Room Glasses?

  • Reduces eye strain!
  • Blocks UVA/UVB rays while working under grow lights!
  • Lightweight, wraparound style frame!
  • Complete coverage over your eyes!
  • hours of comfort!
  • Three sets of neutralizing lenses give color-accurate vision under all grow lighting conditions!
  • UV 400+ rated and asymmetrically shaped to protect against intense brightness and eliminate distortion!
  • Recommended lenses for each lighting: Green Lens – Red/Blue | Blue Lens – Yellow | Gray Lens – Full Spectrum