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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Grow Tent Trellis Netting (Elastic)

AC Infinity Grow Tent Trellis Netting (Elastic)

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AC Infinity Grow Tent Trellis is suitable for use in outdoor and indoor applications, capable of being installed horizontally, vertically, or in an A-frame array. Best fit for grow tents, the elastic trellis net can secure itself to steel frames, and adjust its height as needed, using its four-corner steel hooks. It can also fold into a smaller shape and relocate its hooks for use in smaller grow spaces.

Why AC Infinity Trellis Netting?

  • Improves lateral plant growth!
  • Tearproof interweaving!
  • Supports heavy yields- like fruit and buds!
  • Elastic rubber cords shrouded in high-quality polyester!
  • Can bear heavy climbing fruits and vegetables!
  • Non-abrasive cells provide plant stem protection and allow ample space for pruning and picking!
  • Versatile steel hooks securely clip the height-adjustable trellis net onto your grow tent's frame!
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