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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Black White Panda & Mylar Film Rolls

AC Infinity Black White Panda & Mylar Film Rolls

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AC Infinity Mylar is fit for use in indoor and outdoor settings such as greenhouses, nurseries, and DIY grow rooms and tents!

When lining these gardening areas, plants like herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers will enjoy greater photosynthesis and growth rate. Also fit for use in general applications like home decoration.

  • Film sheet designed to increase reflectivity, provide protective layers, and control spills and messes.
  • Strong tensile polymer is stretchable, tear-resistant, and can withstand prolonged sun exposure.
  • White side with 90% reflectivity amplifies lighting while black side blocks light from leaking through.
  • Waterproof surface is easy to clean and keeps moisture from seeping through to keep split areas dry.
  • 10 ft. panda film for greenhouses, nurseries, and gardens as barriers to light, water, and humidity.


Black and white poly film designed to increase reflectivity, provide a protective layer from various elements, and control spills and messes. Each roll of a strong tensile polymer that is highly durable, capable of being stretched without tearing while withstanding prolonged exposure to the sun. It is also waterproof and easy to clean, ideal as a vapor barrier to keep split areas dry or prevent buildup. This panda film roll is dual-colored, providing two sets of applications for either light reflecting or light deprivation. Use the white side’s 90% reflectivity to amplify lighting and improve photosynthesis, or the black side to control your plant’s light cycle by blocking light leakage.


This roll of poly panda film can be applied to flat surfaces like walls, floors, and roofs for many growing projects. It can craft makeshift housing for your plants and equipment or blackout your greenhouse. Line this black out tarp on floors for a variety of covering purposes like collecting water runoff and debris. When lining indoor grow rooms, this reflective material can create complete light coverage around your plants while blocking light from breaking through to preserve their light cycle. Use in conjunction with peel and stick zippers to ensure this light blockage when creating doorways.

Why AC Infinity PET Reflective Mylar?

  • Improves plant growth!
  • increases reflectivity and amplifies light!
  • Made of PET that is durable, tear-resistant, and thermostable to withstand high temperatures!
  • Highly reflective, double-sided surface!
  • Expands your grow lighting coverage for greater efficiency!
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to clean while able to be cut down to size for many applications!
  • Fit for indoor or outdoor settings like greenhouses, nurseries, and grow rooms on floors and walls!

As a value alternative to diamond Mylar, panda film, or aluminum, this Mylar film roll is reflective on either side for optimized light amplification. Use in conjunction with aluminum foil duct tape to ensure complete reflective coverage.

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