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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Noise Reduction Clamps

AC Infinity Noise Reduction Clamps

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AC Infinity's Noise Reduction Clamps are designed to connect duct ports with a secure and airtight grip to prevent any loss of airflow!

Why AC Infinity Noise Reduction Clamps?

  • Rubber pipe coupling securely pair ducted components together!
  • Prevents air leaks!
  • Matte black rubber construction is flexible, heavy-duty, and can easily fit over duct ports and piping!
  • Minimizes noise!
  • Absorbs sound waves from fan vibrations and airflow traveling through ductwork!
  • Creates an airtight seal and hold using adjustable stainless steel hose clamps with worm drive locks!

The nitrile butadiene rubber structure fits smoothly over ports and piping thanks to its flexible and adaptable build. The heavy-duty rubber construction also suppresses noise and vibrations by absorbing sound waves, creating a quieter growing or HVAC environment.

To ensure an even tighter connection, you can adjust the stainless-steel fasteners with worm drive locks, which are built into ribbed grooves along the rubber clamp to lock it in place. When using flexible couplings to attach ducted components, this rubber coupler guarantees an effortless installation and long-lasting fit.

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