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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Nursery Bags

AC Infinity Nursery Bags

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AC Infinity Seedling Bags are primarily used in germination and propagation to start seeds and to cultivate clones!

You can quickly and easily transplant your potted plants into larger bodies of soil without having to remove the nursery bags.

They are also utilized as root trainers to facilitate a wider, more complex root structure to maximize nutrient intake! Most used to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers, and trees for many agricultural projects!

  • Black plant pot sleeves designed for seed germination to insulate the soil and protect your seedlings.
  • Made of thicker non-woven fabric that is biodegradable and tear-resistant to endure rugged handling.
  • Enables quick and easy transplanting into larger containers without having to remove the seedling bag.
  • Permeable surface allows for root penetration and moisture pass-through to prevent overwatering.
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Customer Reviews

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Tracy Jensen (ACMPR)
I'm done with red solo cups!

I'd rather use the .25 and mostly the .5 bags for my starters and clones than a red solo cup.
No more root bound juvies in the plastic cups.
The bags air prune and when you are ready to put them in their final pot plot whatever I just rip the bags open if I need to.