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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Pre Filter Cloths (For Carbon Filter) (2 Pack)

AC Infinity Pre Filter Cloths (For Carbon Filter) (2 Pack)

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AC Infinity Pre Filter Cloths help to lengthen the lifespan of your carbon filter by keeping debris from entering the charcoal bed!

They are all made of polyester that are capable of blocking particles like dust, lint, pollen, and hair, all while allowing 100% air passthrough!

This ensures that your carbon filter properly traps odors in its activated charcoal and refines the air when used with an inline duct fan! 

Why AC Infinity Pre-Filter Cloths?

  • Extends carbon filter lifespan!
  • Protects charcoal bed from debris.
  • Form-fitting sleeve!
  • Blocks hair, dust, lint, pollen, and other larger particles!
  • Breathable fabric allows complete air passthrough!
  • Allows for proper air filtration and odor control!
  • Reusable for up to 6 months of continuous use at a time between dusting and machine washing!

The breathable prefilter cloth is machine washable and is long-lasting, reusable up to six months between cleanings. Vacuum the prefilter to remove the dust before throwing it into the washer, and hang dry the cloth to prevent shrinking.

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