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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Steel Mounting Plates

AC Infinity Steel Mounting Plates

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AC Infinity Mounting Plates provide a platform for your controllers and sensors while supporting no light-leak cable management!

This positions them in an easy-to-access spot so you can quickly inspect your grow tent’s climate conditions, and quickly adjust settings when needed!

Why AC Infinity Steel Mounting Plates?

  • Controller platform and support!
  • No light-leak cable management!
  • Includes hardware to hand other controllers and sensors!
  • Powder-coated steel plate!
  • Lightweight and durable!
  • Wide hooks slide into the tent strap!
  • Easy access!

While best fit to install UIS controllers, this plate comes included with specialized mounting hardware to wall hang any controller or sensor. It is also made of steel, powder-coated black, lightweight, and durable to withstand wear and tear use. Wide teeth on the backside help slide the mounting plate into your advance grow tent’s corner straps.

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