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AC Infinity

AC Infinity SUNCORE Seedling Heat Mats (w/ Controller) (T Series)

AC Infinity SUNCORE Seedling Heat Mats (w/ Controller) (T Series)

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A seedling mat designed to improve germination success and accelerate your seeds’ growth process by emitting steady heat!

Why AC Infinity SUN CORE Heat Mats (T Series)?

  • Accelerates and improves the success of seed starting and germination!
  • Innovative far-infrared film that warms up faster and distributes soft heat more evenly!
  • Crafted with IP-67 quad-layer PVC that is flexible, resistant to wear-and-tear, and easy to wipe clean.
  • Included controllers provide variable heating levels and trigger on/off activation based on temperature!

The seedling mat’s steady 80-87°F (27-31°C) temperature range heats the rooting area by up to 20°F above the ambient air temperature!

It uses a durable quad-layer PVC that is resistant to wear-and-tear and is easy to clean and roll for storage. Best used for seed germination and propagation in indoor settings like basements and terrariums to jumpstart the rooting stage.

Also fit for homebrewing or fermenting beverages, and heating pet enclosures for reptiles. This IP-67 rated heating mat is UL-certified (E518635), achieving safety standards for electric heating appliances and meets MET standards (certificate #E115128) for electrical appliance safety.

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