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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Twist Ties (Heavy Duty, Soft, Built-In Cutter)

AC Infinity Twist Ties (Heavy Duty, Soft, Built-In Cutter)

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AC Infinity Plant Ties can apply low stress training and secure vines, shrubs, and flowers to trellis nets and fences!

While they are primarily used with stakes, grids, and other plant support systems, they also have multi-purpose use outside of gardening. This includes home and office applications like tidying up kitchens, organizing tools, and cable managing computer, monitor, headphone, and USB cords.

Why AC Infinity Twist Ties?

  • Garden wire ties designed to progress vertical growth by fastening plants to garden support systems.
  • Constructed of iron string wires encased in thin PE plastic that is flexible and stays bound.
  • Features built-in metal trimmer to quickly cut the easy-unwinding twist tie at your desired length.
  • Versatile and reusable home office use, for tool organizing, kitchen tidying, and cable management
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