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Active Aqua

Active Aqua Submersible Pump Filter Bag

Active Aqua Submersible Pump Filter Bag

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Enclose your submersible pump in this fine mesh, zippered filter bag to prevent pump clogging. Filters all forms of biological and nutrient sediments common to hydroponic reservoirs. Increases pump life while reducing cleaning maintenance. Fits most pump sizes up to 1000 GPH. Ideal for flood & drain and drip hydroponic systems. High quality filter material keeps pump clear of debris. Gusseted bottom ensures proper pump seating. Pump can be easily removed from bag for cleaning. Secure, corrosion-proof zipper at top for easy closing.

6" Size Bag dimensions: 6.75" x 9.375"

10" Size Bag dimensions: 10.5" x 13.125"


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