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Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients Piranha Beneficial Fungi (Liquid)

Advanced Nutrients Piranha Beneficial Fungi (Liquid)

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Advanced Nutrients Piranha is a beneficial fungi nutrient that helps to promote maximized root mass and flowering. Piranha enhances growth and yield in any type of gardening situation, including soil and organics; it is a 100% organic formula. The beneficial fungi in Piranha operates by increases essentials oils as well, making for a more quality yield.

Use Advanced Nutrients Piranha® to create optimal conditions for extending your root network and increasing essential-oil rich biomass!

Why Advanced Nutrients Piranha?

  • Helps with the absorption of nutrients
  • Creates optimal conditions in the roots
  • Increases essential-oil rich biomass
  • Protection from root rot, insects, and fungi
  • Promotes faster flowering
  • 100% organic
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