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Aeromixer Water Pumps & Aerators

Aeromixer Water Pumps & Aerators

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Aeromixer makes feeding large and smaller gardens a breeze and reduces the need for air stones, air pumps, and pH up and down additives!

Why Aeromixer Original H2O Pumps & Aerators?

  • Made specifically for growers!
  • Mixes and aerates nutrients!
  • Dual purpose!

    The Mini Nutrient Kit uses its trademark Aerojet technology so that no nutrients settle at the bottom, letting you maximize every bit of nutrient!

    Why Aeromixer Mini H2O Pumps & Aerators?

    • Trademark Aerojet technology so no nutrients settle at the bottom!
    • Maximizes every bit of nutrient!
    • Mixes and aerates nutrients!
    • Feeds up to 1600 gallons an hour!

    Aeromixer Synthetic Pro is tough enough for the most powerful of fertilizers. Aeromixer replaces all your old pumps and airstones in one easy unit!

    Why Aeromixer Synthetic H2O Pumps & Aerators?

    • Designed for synthetic fertilizers!
    • Heavy-duty components!
    • Replaces all of your old pumps and air stones in one unit!
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