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Agrolux (Special Order)

Agrolux (Special Order)

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So much light from just one fixture!

The 347V ALF1000 WIDE from Agrolux sets a new standard for horticultural lighting systems. The digital ballast and Agrolux designed circuitry incorporate a low inrush current, voltage protection, and constant output control making the 347V ALF1000 a reliable, energy efficient system with consistently high μmol and PAR output.

The frame of the very compact Agrolux fixture is made out of lightweight aluminum and powder coated for protection from the environment. Designed and tested with German engineering to ensure lamp temperatures remain below 500 degrees to prevent early bulb failure. Incorporating a heat shield and large cooling fins, the 347V ALF1000 runs remarkably cool and uses a semi-open WIDE reflector concept with greater than 95% reflective aluminum to distribute the light evenly to your grow.

Agrolux ALF1000 fixtures are approved by Philips Lighting for use with their renowned horticultural grow lights. Philips extensively tested the Agrolux fixture on efficiency, yield, thermal regulation, bulb voltage, etc., and the ALF1000 passed with flying colors. Although Philips confirms the benefits of the Agrolux system when used with their lights, the ALF1000 is also compatible and ultra-efficient when used with most double-ended lamps. Agrolux luminaires include a C-Shaped suspension bracket for quick mounting to overhead beams or trellis.

Agrolux Lighting is exclusively distributed in North America by Hydrotek Hydroponics.


  • Voltage: 347
  • Wire: 2 common thread + 1 ground
  • Amp: 3.7-5.3
  • Light bulb (included): Philips 1000W HPS 2100 µMol
  • Power Cord: 10'
  • UL Approved (UL Certificate of Compliance)
  • Dimensions:18" L, 9.25" W, 10.23" H
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs

WARNING: Must be installed by a certified electrician, use only lamp type and watts as per supply ballast.

WARRANTY: The ALF1000, ALF750 and ALF600 are supported by Agrolux NL by a two year warranty against manufacturing defects. The Philips DE bulbs are warrantied one year against manufacturing defects.

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