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AgSil 25 Potassium Silicate Solution

AgSil 25 Potassium Silicate Solution

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AgSil® 25 is a soluble form of potassium silicate providing the plant a 100% available source of silicon and potassium that are essential for optimum plant growth and health. Potassium Silicate strengthens the plant’s internal processes and external defenses. AgSil 25 low salt index makes it extremely safe to all crops including sensitive crops. AgSil applied in the soil or foliar aids the plant during periods of drought, extreme temperatures, cold, frost, heat stress, salinity and mineral toxicity (Al,Cd,As,Mn,Fe) and other abiotic stresses. Agsil 25 activates the plants immune system helping it to resist against foliar and soil diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, nematodes, viruses and other biotic stresses. Based on the crop, AgSil 25 should be applied as a foliar spray or to the soil using ground equipment or irrigation systems. AgSil 25 can be incorporated into most spray tank mixes.

AgSil potassium silicate helps plants to:

  • Protect Crop Growth and Yield with a Beneficial Bionutrient
  • Increase plant performance to resist mineral stress, decrease climate stress, and improve strength, growth, and yield.
  • Improve Photosynthesis and Efficiency for Healthier Turf & Crops 
  • Provide Protection from Environmental Stresses 


Greenhouse Grown



Plant’s Stress 

Temperature Fluctuations 



Metal Toxicity

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