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Alfred Horticulture

Alfred Airline Blue Tubing (1/4")

Alfred Airline Blue Tubing (1/4")

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Alfred Horticulture introduces their high-quality, professional-grade airline tubing for hydroponic growing systems. With the Alfred Horticulture Professional Airline Tubing, Alfred Horticulture continues its tradition of supplying the essential hydroponic tools and supplies all growers need.

Why Alfred Hydroponic Blue Tubing?

  • High-quality, professional-grade tubing for hydroponics
  • Ideal for delivering air from your pump to your system
  • Easy-to-spot, flexible, and kink-resistant
  • UV stability for a long lifespan in grow room conditions

It's the ideal solution for delivering air from your air pump to your hydroponic systems. It can be used to distribute air to air stones in the nutrient solution reservoir, to feed pumping columns, and anywhere additional air needs to be supplied to your grow system.

The flexible, easy-to-spot blue silicone tubing was chosen specifically for use with hydroponic systems. Alfred’s airline tubing is flexible and kink-resistant, with UV stabilizers for a long lifespan in grow room conditions.

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