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Antelco Valve, Punch & Cutter

Antelco Valve, Punch & Cutter

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More information about Antelco 2:1 Punch & Cutter

A combination tool that prepares poly tube for the installation of emitters and fittings in low pressure irrigation systems.
  • Aligns the tube ensuring a clean, square cut.
  • Suitable for cutting LDPE pipe, vinyl tubing, drip tubes, soaker hoses, micro tubes, clear vinyl tubes (CVT) and other "soft" tubes up to 22 mm OD.
  • Punches a hole into 13 mm and 19 mm LDPE for the installation of Drippers, Sprays, Rigid Risers and micro tube fittings.
  • Punch pierces a clean hole and removes wad leaving tube free of debris.

Miracle Punch For 1/2" & 5/8" Hose #50038

A range of tools to assist in the installation of micro irrigation systems

Detailed description:

- Key Punch - Punch a hole in tubing for inserting emitters. The hexagonal tool assists in assembling jets.
- 2 in 1 Punch and Cutter - allows for cutting 13 mm and 19 mm poly tubing and punching holes into tubing for emitters and fittings.
- Punch 'n' Cut - has a built in punch for installation of emitters and fittings. The cutter allows for cutting of various sizes of tubing.

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