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AquaMaster S300 Pro 2 Substrate pH/Temp Meter (Special Order)

AquaMaster S300 Pro 2 Substrate pH/Temp Meter (Special Order)

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The S300 Pro 2 is the ideal meter to measure the pH and temperature of coconut soil and other moist, soft substrates and liquids. The meter features a modern and robust housing with easy to operate buttons. The S300 Pro 2 includes a pH electrode of unprecedented quality. The meter is delivered fully calibrated and includes batteries.

How does the meter work?

  • Connect the BNC connector of the electrode to the pH meter and remove the protective cap containing storage solution from the electrode
  • Rinse the electrode with running water and dry it using clean kitchen paper
  • Press the on/off button to turn on the meter
  • Place the electrode in the (soft) substrate (make sure the substrate is well wet/damp, otherwise the meter will not work properly) or liquid to be measured
  • Wait for the value to stabilise. The measurement is now complete
  • Press the HOLD button to save the measurement. Do not forget to press the HOLD button again when the meter is used once more
  • Rinse the electrode with clean water after use, so that no residue is left on the electrode. Replace the electrode in the protective cap containing the storage solution
  • Press the on/off button to turn off the meter

We recommend storing the meter with KCI storage solution in the protective cover.

This package contains:

  • 1x Digital Substrate pH/Temp meter S300 Pro 2
  • 1x User Manual


  • Range: pH: 0.0 ~ 14.0 pH / Temp.: 0°C ~ 50°C (32°F ~ 122°F)
  • Resolution: pH: ± 0.1 pH / Temp.: 0.1 ºC (1.0 ºF)
  • Accuracy: pH: ± 0.1 pH / Temp.: ±0.5°C (32°F) / Temp. compensation: 0°C - 50°C (32°F - 122°F)
  • Calibration: pH: 2 point auto 4.0 - 7.0 pH
  • Features: Battery indicator & automatic temp. compensation
  • Power supply: 3 × 1.5 Volt AG-13 button cell battery (included)
  • Auto. power-off: After 8 minutes
  • Calibration indicator: With correct calibration
  • Waterproof: IP65 (electrodes are IP67 waterproof)
  • Dimensions: 8.66" x 1.57" x 1.57"
  • Weight: 0.35 lbs
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