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Athena Clean Line

Athena Clean Line

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Why Athena Perafoam?

  • A very high foaming concentrate specially designed for use in conjunction with Athena Reset for superior hard surface cleaning, sanitization, and disinfecting.
  • A liquid that is easily dispensed at temperatures as low as 35°F (2°C).
  • Hard water tolerant and remains stable in the presence of oxidizers.
  • A long-lasting foam and surfactant package that allows for longer contact on equipment and vertical surfaces than conventional methods.
  • Kosher certified.
  • One-year shelf life

Why Athena Reset?

  • Disperses/penetrates biofilms
  • Kills bacteria, mold, fungus, and yeast
  • Fast-acting
  • Unaffected by water hardness and soil
  • Non-foaming (unless used with Athena Perafoam)
  • Does not add taste, odor, or color
  • No rinse required
  • Does not form disinfection byproductsBreaks down into carbon dioxide and water
  • Non-corrosive to stainless steel, aluminum
  • Easily dispensed as a liquid

Why Athena Renew?

  • Removes heavy biofilm and mineral build-up
  • Multiple modes of action to break up and flush dirty
  • Keep irrigation systems running optimally
  • Cleans pumps, filters, emitters, manifolds, valves, and membranes
  • Restores and extends the life of poorly functioning irrigation systems
  • Low mix rate for cost efficiency
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