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Athena Roots Culture Media (Rooting Enhancer)

Athena Roots Culture Media (Rooting Enhancer)

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Tissue culture has never been easier. Media formulas contains everything needed to generate high-quality culture growth. No measuring, no guessing. Just add water.

Why Athena Roots Culture Media?

  • All-in-one formula - Just add water
  • Callus formation
  • Stimulates root development
  • Starts new mother plants


  • Tear open sachet and pour entire contents into Mixing Vessel
  • Fill with RO water to 125ml
  • Shake vigorously entire fully dissolved
  • Sterilize in Athena Autoclave
  • Pour into Culture Vessels or Utility Vessels
  • Insert plant material into media

Note: Perform all steps under Athena Flow Hood to maintain a sterile environment.

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