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AutoPot AQUAvalve, Parts & Silicone

AutoPot AQUAvalve, Parts & Silicone

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Bottom Silicone (10 pack) & Top Silicone (10 Pack): The AQUAvalve silicones are inserted into the recesses in the top & bottom floats of the AQUAvalve.

Valve Cover: The AutoPot AquaValve Cover, when used in conjunction with the AQUAvalve allows the grower to create their own basic, but very effective, hobby system. All that is needed is a flat tray of any shape or size. The user then simply places the AQUAvalve in the tray and places the AQUAvalve cover over the top of it. The cover is made of a heavy composite material, so there is no need to place a weight on top to hold it in place.

AQUAvalve: AQUAvalve to replace older, pre-August 2020 AQUAvalves with 6mm pipe and fittings

AQUAvalve5: AQUAvalve5 for 9mm pipe and fittings

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