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BIOCHAR Soil Amendment

BIOCHAR Soil Amendment

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Feuille d'érable biochar is a 100% natural soil amendment that has been recognized for hundreds of years!

This biochar is produced by carbonizing forest biomass. Its use in vegetable crops brings several advantages!

Why Feuille D'erable BIOCHAR?

  • Environmentally friendly!
  • Mix into soil from spring to fall!
  • Porous structure retains water and nutrients!
  • Improves microorganism development!
  • Increases plant health and growth!
  • Optimizes other horticultural agents and limits their leaching!
  • You'll need less fertilizer to support sustainable agriculture!

Other Details?

  • Shape: between 2mm and 20mm
  • Main Material: Hardwood
  • Contains Carbon (>75%), Ash (<12%), Nitrogen (<2%), Porosity (>70%)
  • Excellent water retention
  • Prevents compaction
  • Better rooting and access to nutrients!
  • High carbon content!
  • Excellent supplement for the growth too flowers, shrubs, trees, hedges and lawns!
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