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BioPlug Germination Rooter Cubes

BioPlug Germination Rooter Cubes

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Bio Plug Germination Rooter Cubes protects and promotes the growth of your seedlings with a PH-balanced, living grow plug, which contains both active biologicals and micronutrients! This plug also offers long water retention, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to grow healthy and strong seedlings!

Why Bio Plug Germination Cubes?

  • Protects and promotes the growth of seedlings!
  • pH balanced cubes!
  • Contains active biologicals and micronutrients!
  • Longer water-retention!
  • Sanitary- no need to boil before use!

With these grow plugs, you can cultivate a variety of plants in your hydroponic such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. The seed starter plugs provide a convenient method for seed germination and will make a fantastic gift for family and friends who enjoy growing plants.

No need to boil these plugs before use, as they're sanitary and alive with special beneficial biologicals. If you notice some white spots on you batch do not be alarmed, it is just the biologicals colonising the plug to help foster root development and healthy growth! This makes our product unlike others on the market, try for yourself to see the difference! Future batches will be shipped dehydrated and dormant until saturated with water.


  • Hydrate plug in warm water and add seed to the center of the plug, cover the seeds wiht a humidity dome and await fantastic results.
  • With this plug, you can grow more plants in less space! BioPlug seed starter kit is designed to fit 100-200 seedlings in a single 1020 seedling tray, enabling you to cultivate more plants in a compact area while utilizing your lights and resources for a thriving garden.
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