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Black Swallow

Black Swallow 5 Seed Cover Crop Blend (1 LB)

Black Swallow 5 Seed Cover Crop Blend (1 LB)

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This mix is equal parts Buckwheat, Alfalfa, Clover, Lentil & Fenugreek. It provides a great range of recommended plants to create a diverse cover crop mix!

Never letting the top of your soil sit naked is one of the more valuable things you can do to help build and keep a healthy soil biology! The living plant roots are continuously interacting with the microbiology in the soil, feeding this biology through root exudates, which then results in valuable nutrients in the soil being transformed into bioavailable nutrients!

Lightly broadcast across your soil, and scratch into the soil to insure contact between the seeds and soil. Water, and throw down a very light mulch- such as organic straw, or a thin coat of rice hulls. Your cover crop will sprout through the mulch quickly.


Top Dress - 1/2 to 1 tbsp per square foot of soil.

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