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Black Swallow

Black Swallow Blumat Kit (For 4 Plants)

Black Swallow Blumat Kit (For 4 Plants)

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This kit has all the fittings and parts needed to cover you for a 4 plant grow in a 5 to 30 gallon pot. You will need to purchase a reservoir separately and depending on the placement you may need to purchase some more 8mm supply line.

Blumat is a fully automatic plant watering system which functions without the need for a timer. Each Tropf-Blumat is both a sensor and a dripper and reacts to the soil moisture content. If the soil becomes dry, the pressure in the Tropf-Blumat goes down, causing a valve to open and watering to begin.

When the soil is sufficiently moist again, the release of water is automatically stopped. Each Tropf-Blumat reacts completely independently. There fore the plants are watered individually, according to whether or not they are thirsty and come rain or shine.

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