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Diamond K

Diamond K Premium 97 Gypsum (Water Soluble)

Diamond K Premium 97 Gypsum (Water Soluble)

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Premium 97 Diamond K Gypsum is a common hydrated calcium sulfate mineral. One of its benefits comes from its ability to break up heavy, compacted clay soils, as it can effectively change the soil structure of soils that have been compacted due to flooding, over cropping and heavy traffic.

Why Premium 97 Diamond K Gypsum?

  • Calcium sulfate mineral!
  • Breaks up heavy, compacted soils!
  • Changes soil structure!
  • Neutral and does not change soil pH!
  • Reduces excess sodium in soils!

Gypsum is neutral and does not change the soil pH, thus making it useful for adding calcium without moving your ph of the soil. However it is also valuable for reducing excess sodium in soils. Excess sodium can interfere with nutrient as well as water uptake in the plants.

How To Use:

  • In calcium deficient soils, use at a rate of 1 pound for 10 sq ft of soil surface 1-3 times a year.
  • This is a very high grade gypsum that we bring in because it is a consistent fine grind, and consequently excellent for drip irrigation.
  • Equivalency Measurement - 7 cups/2kg

It has the ability to penetrate the millions of fine clay particles in heavy or hardpan type soils and loosen the soil structure. This process then creates air and moisture spaces that eventually loosen and break-up the soil structure. The only problem is that this doesn't happen overnight, it takes yearly applications, over about a three-year period to get the job done. For most home gardeners however, reducing compaction and improving aeration is better accomplished by the application of an organic mulch in nearly any landscape.

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