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Black Swallow

Black Swallow Kelp Meal (Seaweed Meal) (Organic)

Black Swallow Kelp Meal (Seaweed Meal) (Organic)

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This kelp meal is a 14 mesh grind, as opposed to our kelp flour. This creates a slightly coarser product, which is intended to be used when mixing in soil blends. A 14 mesh product has flakes that looks much like a ground pepper that you would use to fill a pepper shaker. By comparison, the flour is comparable to any flour you might use in baking. So the flour is better for making teas from, and the meal is better for mixing in soil recipes.

Why Black Swallow Organic Kelp (Seaweed) Meal?

  • Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium!
  • Encourages plant growth!
  • 100% Certified Organic!

Any product that has a fine grind will generally dissolve more quickly and readily than a coarser product. This factor is much more relevant when considering rock dusts, as it takes the action of microbes in order to transform these minerals into a bioavailable form. Kelp, which is a plant based material, breaks down much more rapidly by comparison.

This product is approved for organic use.


Typically for soil building or top dress – ½ cup per 28ltr [cubic foot] of soil but you should consult a certified agronomist with regards to kelp and its application rates specific to your needs.

NOTE: Equivalency Measurement - 10 cups/2 kg

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