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Black Swallow

KIS Mix Blended Soil (Oversized)

KIS Mix Blended Soil (Oversized)

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KIS Mix Blended Soil

KISMix Blended Soil is a mix for someone who is new to growing in a living soil, or who is not yet confident of using the teas, foliars and drenches their plants might require. With Tad’s guidance, we have worked up a mix that will allow a new gardener to achieve a successful harvest without the addition of too many other inputs.

This powerhouse of a mix is a blend of sphagnum peat, perlite, fish compost, leaf compost, worm castings, biochar, blood meal, kelp meal, crab meal, feather meal, Dead Soldier fly frass, fish bone meal, gypsum, soft rock phosphate, alfalfa meal, oyster shell flour, Wollastonite rock dust, Volcanophos rock dust, and Huplaso basalt.

KIS Mix With Pumice

Not every one is a fan of perlite, so we have made a version of the KIS mix that has NO perlite, which has been replaced by pumice.

We have been planning on offering this combination for some time now, but it was not until we switched our pumice supplier that we had the confidence in the consistency of the size of the pumice pcs- so we are now offering this mix. In addition to the regular KIS amendment contributions, we also have added some mycorrhizae to this mix, along with some Tanio biologicals and Synergro.

Greenbelt Soil

This is a true living soil recycled from an organic certified micro green facility. With so much great nutrient value remaining, it is a great option for up-potting or starting plants and seed. It is also a wonderful choice for flowers and vegetable growing in containers or raised garden beds.

This soil contains a blend of certified organic inputs including Peat, Perlite, Fish compost, Feather meal, Wollastonite (Rock dust), Kelp meal, Yucca (ThermX15), Humic & Fulvic acid, and GSR Calcium.

If you're looking for a higher premium nutrient rich soil for a more demanding growing project, check our our KIS Blend and Black Swallow Blend soils.

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