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Black Swallow

Nutrient Reamendment Packs

Nutrient Reamendment Packs

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We have been asked for a nutrient pack continuously by people who have found their soil mix lacking, or by those who are using their soil over a number of cycles and simply want to reamend their soil in between cycles. We've also had a number of folk who want to use our mix, but because of the prohibitive shipping costs, have asked instead for a nutrient/mineral pack that will allow them to use their own peat, compost and aeration, but achieve a mix that will keep their plants healthy and happy for up to 6 months.

These packs are made of the same items that we use currently in our very successful soil mix. All of these inputs are permitted for organic production. This includes some items such as blood meal, fish bone meal, feather meal, gypsum, soft rock phosphate, oyster shell flour, Wollastonite rock dust, Volcanophos rock dust, insect frass and Huplaso basalt.


9-15 grams per 3.78 liters of soil as a re-amendment.

1kg per 100 liters of soil if you are creating a blend.

or sprinkle on top to help boost lacking soils.

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