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Organic Alfalfa Seeds (1 LB)

Organic Alfalfa Seeds (1 LB)

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Alfalfa seed is an excellent choice as a cover crop, as alfalfa is an important nitrogen fixing plant. This means that as the roots grow through the soil, they are able to absorb nitrogen from the soil and lock it into the root zone, which other plants can then use.

Why Organic Alfalfa Seeds?

  • Excellent cover crop!
  • Organic and Non-GMO!

The initial biological development of root and leaves in a seed requires a vast array of biological growth functions, which all require enzymes in order for these growth functions to occur. [Think of an enzyme as a specific box end wrench that performs a specific task in hands of a mechanic. The various enzymes all do a similar task by performing specific biological functions. ]

To sprout seeds, make sure you use clean, unchlorinated water. A table spoon or so of alfalfa seeds will produce a good hand full of sprouts. Once the roots are about a quarter to a half inch long, you can weigh them and add about a third of the weight of sugar to the sprouts and put this mixture in a blender. Add a cup or two of water to dissolve the sugar and help liquidize the sprouts. 

Sprouted seed teas are one of the best and least expensive tools you can use around your garden!

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