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Organic Barley Straw / Mulch

Organic Barley Straw / Mulch

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There are two things that anyone should do when trying to build the soil biology in their gardens: one is to grow a cover crop on the soil at all times possible and the other is to use a mulch like organic barley straw!

When applying a mulch, you only need an inch or so of mulch to provide a good cover! This helps to accomplish two important aspects of good soil health!

Why Straw / Mulch (Organic)?

  • Maintains soil moisture!
  • Provides a great ecosystem!
  • Improves soil health and biology!

The first is that it helps to maintain the moisture levels in your soil. If you allow the top levels of your soil to dry out, then you risk killing off valuable soil biology in that upper layer that you have worked hard to establish!

Secondly, a good mulch provides a great ecosystem for the larger biology in the soil, especially the worms. You often will see worms on the surface of the soil scurry away from the light as the established mulch is pulled off.

Only use a very light covering if you have spread a cover crop mix over your soil, otherwise the mulch will work against the sprouting of the seeds.


  • Small Box: 20 x 20 x 8"
  • Large Box: 20 x 20 x 20"

Small box should cover about 20sf

Large box should cover about 55sf

NOTE: Straw is not sterile and some seed could be found
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