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Black Swallow

Sulfate of Potash (SOP) (0-0-50)

Sulfate of Potash (SOP) (0-0-50)

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Sulfate of Potash is an ultra fine product that is water soluble, making it excellent for use in foliar and irrigation systems!

Natural Sulfate of Potash (K2SO4) is a natural potash mineral that contains 51 percent soluble potash and 18 percent sulfur. It also contains trace amounts of calcium and magnesium.


  • Root Drench - ¼ to ½ tsp per gallon of water.
  • To use as a foliar: Stir 20g of SOP into 8 litres of water until it is dissolved completely. This can be applied to the root zone of the soil, or sprayed with a fine sprayer onto the foliage of the plant. Apply once every 3 weeks.
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