Black Swallow Worm Castings (28L)

Black Swallow Worm Castings (28L)

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Worm castings are one of the key building blocks of any good organic soil. The reason for this is three fold- castings make an excellent soil conditioner that contribute to the overall soil structure and they also provide a nutrient rich, water soluble fertilizer that is readily available to the root zone of the plant.

Why Black Swallow Worm Castings?

  • The key building block to good organic soil!
  • Excellent soil conditioning properties
  • Improves soil structure
  • Provides nutrient rich, water soluble fertilizer
  • Readily available nutrients to the roots
  • Significantly healthy, living soil

In addition, worms are well known for the rich microbial contribution they make to the organic materials passing through their guts. This biology contributes significantly to a healthy, living soil.

This material can be used as a valuable contribution to any soil mix and can also be scratched into the surface of your soil when it comes time for reamending. This also works well when brewing compost teas.