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Bluelab® pH Controller (Special Order) *

Bluelab® pH Controller (Special Order) *

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Bluelab’s pH Controller does automatic control and monitoring of system pH with reservoirs up to 200 US gal/760 L. It simply just needs to be set and then the pH is taken care of.

  • Automate pH control in reservoirs of up to 200 US gallons/760 litres
  • 10 ml/min peristaltic pump delivers precise control
  • Controls pH in the up (alkali) or down (acid) direction
  • In-built safety lockouts prevent overdosing
  • Dosing routine allows for effective mixing before next dose
  • Auto-resume dosing when restarting after power loss
  • High and low alarms to alert you when pH is out of range
  • Acid- and alkali-resistant delivery tubing
  • 2-metre/6-ft probe and power cable lengths and 1.2-metre/4-ft total tubing for best positioning and viewing
  • Flexible mounting options for walls, posts and racks
  • Easy-to-clean display built for clean environments
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