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Bluelab Pulse Meter (EC/MC)

Bluelab Pulse Meter (EC/MC)

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3-In-1 digital soil moisture meter - 3 in 1 handheld meter that measures plant-health. The new Bluelab pulse meter measures moisture, nutrient (EC) & temperature at the plant root zone. You can consistently measure moisture, nutrient (EC) & temperature in a range of growing Media including; soil, coco coir, potting mix & nutrient solution.
Must be connected to your Android smartphone – Only available for Android phones currently. Apple iOS version coming soon.

View, store & analyse root zone measurements in the PULSE meter phone app. Measure faster in under 10 seconds. No more pour-through, extractions, or kicking pots. Get essential measurements immediately to help reduce errors & improve plant performance. Set target measurement ranges in the app. Get quick in & out-of-range indicators, with blink TM technology.

Better quality plants – use real time insights to create your own unique plant success recipe for moisture, nutrient and temperature, that works for your greenhouse. Featuring longer 8” stainless-steel probes that measure at varying depths through the root zone. Built for durability and real-world growing success.

Portable; All your data, always with you – the handheld pulse meter is designed for measuring plant soil moisture & EC where-ever you are. Now measurement can be proactive, not reactive! While you take measurements, The data is auto-synced to the app on your phone in your pocket. You can make notes in the app alongside your measurements to capture useful information such as, location, observations or plant condition. Simply export the data for further analysis.

Your order Includes: 1x Bluelab pulse meter with probe cap, 1 x miniature screwdriver, 1x AA alkaline battery, and simple to use quick start instructions. The Android phone app is available in the Google play store. This device is only compatible with Android phones currently, iOS Coming in 2019.

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