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Bluelab Combo Plus Meter

Bluelab Combo Plus Meter

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The Bluelab® Combo Meter Plus is an all-in-one, convenient portable solution for accurate measurement of pH, conductivity and temperature in nutrient solution. The battery-powered, lightweight unit can be used anywhere, anytime to measure critical parameters related to nutrient uptake in plants.

Why Bluelab's Combo Plus Meter?

  • All-in-one, convenient solution for accurate measurements!
  • Measures, pH, conductivity, and temperature
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime to measure critical parameters
  • Fast & accurate measurements from the root zone

The Bluelab® Leap™ pH probe also allows fast and accurate pH measurements direct from the root zone in a wide range of growing media including soil, rockwool, coco coir and potting mixes—no more pH slurries or extraction mixes. The detachable Leap™ pH probe has a toughened spear-tip for improved durability and is lightning fast in nutrient solution. Easy-to-read backlit screen for lowlight environments and simple push button operation to view your chosen parameter. Probe cable length is 2 m/6.5 ft.

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