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Blumat Automatic Plant Waterers | Tropf Blumat Standard Carrot (Adjustable)

Blumat Automatic Plant Waterers | Tropf Blumat Standard Carrot (Adjustable)

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The Tropf-Blumat (Tropf means drip in German) is a sensor that automatically supplies plants water through its thin tubing. 

This ceramic cone employs the principle of hydrostatic pressure, that delivers water extremely slowly, and at the plant’s own preferred rate. Allowing each plant to determine its own irrigation schedule.

Why Blumat Automatic Waterers?

  • Ready to use at any time!
  • Very easy installation!
  • The plants stay in their usual location!
  • No repotting is required!
  • Ideal for clay granulate too (e.g. Seramis)!
  • Blumat is ideal for watering when you’re on holiday!
  • Blumat can also be used all year round!

Tropf BluMat Sensor Regular:

These are the very cool 'brains' of the Blumat systems- simple, but oh so effective. Sometimes referred to as the 'carrots', these sensors are simply soaked in water and then inserted into the ground around the root zone of your plants. With the proper water lines connected and set up, the base of these sensors then monitor the soil moisture levels. When they determine that the soil is becoming dry, they open a valve in the top of their casing, which permits the flow of water through the drip line. The water drips into the soil until the sensor determines that there is adequate moisture in that area.

This means that the moisture levels in the soil are constantly being monitored and replenished, unlike most other irrigation systems which rely on timers to determine when and how much the plants are watered. Timer systems can be difficult to 'dial' in to the ideal moisture levels. The Blumat sensors do this automatically, maintaining the moisture levels that are not only critical to the health of your plants, but equally as important, the levels that are critical to the life in your soil.

Tropf Blumat Sensor Maxi:

This is the heart of the Tropf-Blumat system, as these devices act as water regulators as well as dripers. There are two lengths available and this is the longer version at 9". When inserted into the soil to about 2/3 of its length [ 6-7"], it senses the moisture levels at a deeper level than the shorter version. This is important when growing bigger plants, as the roots reach down beyond the surface level that the shorter Tropf-Blumats can detect. If you plant is young however, and only has shallow surface roots, then you might want to consider the use of both lengths at the same time.

Sensor Protection Cap:

These caps snap on top of your sensor, and lock the top water flow control knob in place, insuring that you do not accidentally reset the water flow rate while working around your garden.

Adjustment Screw Cap:

This replacement brown cap is what goes on top of the Tropf Blumat sensor and is essential for the function of the Blumat carrot. This small brown cap allows you to adjust the flow rate of the Blumat, but more importantly also serves as a critical function in making sure to stop the water when the carrot senses that it is wet enough. If you lose or break this small essential piece, your Bluamt sensor will no longer serve its function so make sure to replace it with this replacement piece.

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Warren McWilliams
Tropf Blumat Parts & Accessories

I received the order on time and all items are in perfect condition. Very pleased to be able to buy individual parts as I had 8 carrots with cracked caps from cold storage. If you must store them in the cold, unscrew the cap's. Will definitely recommend and use this seller again.