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Blumat Classic Carrot (Original)

Blumat Classic Carrot (Original)

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These are Blumats Classics (The Original):

With Blumat Classic, indoor plants get just the amount of water they actually need. Regardless of whether it’s a sunny or shady location. The water is drawn from any container through a thin tube and released directly through the clay cone onto the plant. The Classic XL with larger clay cone releases more water and is ideal for thirstier indoor plants or to water plants on the balcony and patio when you are on holiday.

Why Blumat Automatic Waterers?

  • Ready to use at any time!
  • Very easy installation!
  • The plants stay in their usual location!
  • No repotting is required!
  • Ideal for clay granulate too (e.g. Seramis)!
  • Blumat is ideal for watering when you’re on holiday!
  • Blumat can also be used all year round!

Silicone tube reaches about 38 inches. The ceramic cone is porous and allows water to be absorbed and released when placed in wet and dry mediums. The bigger the reservoir/container of water, the longer they water your houseplants.

Works for all Types of Plants

For cactus or plants that need less water, lower the reservoir to even (or below) the plant to only allow watering when the medium is almost completely dry. For tropical plants or plants that need more water, raise the reservoir and gravity will help give these plants the larger amount of water they need to thrive.

Water discharge is approx. 75 ml / 24 h or 125 ml / 24 h (XL size)

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